Making a case for better Earth Stewardship.

We are here to promote the livability of the earth and safe-guard the well-being of its present and future residents.

What we do

Preserving the habitability of the planet.

We are at a critical juncture. Climate change, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity are accelerating us towards non-recoverable tipping points which threaten all life on earth. We believe that we have a responsibility to attempt to address the causes and to prevent further damage. The goal of the Double Nature Foundation is to fund projects which will help to achieve a path towards a sustainable and regenerative future. We focus on the following themes:

Nature Protection

Ecosystem restoration, nature conservation, reforestation, oceans and marine life

Food Systems

Regenerative agriculture, plant-based diet, protein revolution, reducing food waste.

Circular Economy

Recycling existing materials, eliminate waste and pollution, bio-based construction

Energy Transition

Clean energy production, green transportation, lower energy use, energy storage, smart grids.

Social Equality

Universal access to education, gender equality, children's rights, social justice.

Health and Well-Being

Healthcare, clean water and sanitation, biosecurity, toxicologicaly safety.

Funded Projects.

The foundation is currently evaluating grant proposals for its first grants.

Contact and Organisation.

The Double Nature Foundation is registered as a charity (ANBI) in the Netherlands.

Double Nature Foundation
Vondellaan 48
3521 GH Utrecht
KvK: 89256212
RSIN: 864925815

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